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Roger Fulton is the author of several successful management books. His books Common Sense Supervision, Common Sense Management and Common Sense Leadership are appropriate for managers in ANY industry, Much of his background has also been in the criminal justice community. So you will find several titles that apply to that arena as well But supervision, management and leadership cross all walks of life, so take your choices from the available titles below. They will all serve you well.

Common Sense Supervision

When I wrote my first book, Common Sense Supervision, a guide to being a successful supervisor in any industry, I hoped it would sell a few hundred copies. If it reached 2000, it would be considered a successful book.

Random House Publishing has just advised me that it has now sold more than 44,000 copies. And that is just the English version.

If you have any friends or relatives who may have an interest in their own workplace success as a supervisor, please let them know that it's still available out there. Maybe I'll be able to announce a 50,000 copy milestone next year.

It is available through Random House's webpage

Thanks for your time and interest,

Law Enforcement Management

Law Enforcement Management - What Works and What Doesn't

From authors: Michael J. Carpenter & Roger Fulton
Benefit from the combined wisdom of a team of successful law enforcement managers who have discovered - through years of actual experience - the leadership techniques that succeed...and those that don't! Topics include: Gaining confidence, Earning respect, Fostering loyalty, Administrative "survival" and Leading the way. Avoid pitfalls on your path to success! This insightful book includes analysis, exploration and advice on more than 50 actual management topics and situations that illustrate leadership principles that you can broadly apply to your own career.

2009, 220 pages, 6x9, softcover, $19.95

You can ask for this book at your local bookstore or order it from the publisher, Looseleaf Law Publications at: blue360media

mmon  Sense Management

Common Sense Management – Quick wisdom for good managers

From the Publisher:
Roger Fulton distills the wisdom from two previous books, COMMON SENSE LEADERSHIP and COMMON SENSE SUPERVISION, into this streamlined volume of helpful advice for anyone new to a management position in any industry. With practical sections on winning respect, improving confidence, and preventing and handling problems, this inspirational book combines solid guidance with quotations from visionary experts throughout the ages, such as Confucius, Abraham Lincoln, and Walt Disney.

* A no-nonsense motivational book for supervisors and managers, featuring practical advice on getting the most from employees.
* Useful sections provide quick tips, such as "25 Common Mistakes Made by New Supervisors."

2009, 170 pages, softcover      $12.95

You can ask for this book at your local bookstore or order it from the publiser at penguinrandomhouse.com

A Practical  Career Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals

A Practical Career Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals

By: Mike Carpenter, with Roger Fulton

Take charge of your own career!

Sitting back and waiting for someone to promote you will make for a long and tedious career in mostly low level and dead end jobs in the criminal justice field. And when it comes time to retire, your prospects for an interesting and financially rewarding second career will also be limited.

So take charge of your own destiny, RIGHT NOW! Learn how to make yourself more promotable. Set yourself apart from your competition by learning management level skills such as leadership, motivation, media relations and risk management. In this book you will find those topics and many, many more skills that can help you succeed in any agency of the criminal justice community, and beyond. Learn those skills from a couple of guys who have been there.

So if you want true success in your current career, a great pension when you retire and great prospects for a second career, this book can seriously help you. Its 30 chapters will help you put your career on the right path to a long, happy and successful career in the criminal justice profession.

2008, 171 pages, softcover $19.95

Order directly from the publisher, Looseleaf Law Publications, at: blue360media

Practical  Law Enforcement Management

Practical Law Enforcement Management

This book is a compilation of many of the practical police supervisory, management and leadership tips you have come to expect from Roger Fulton's regular columns over the past ten + years. It has been compiled to assist police leaders to better understand their roles and responsibilities; to the people, to the public, and to themselves. A must read for all serious police command personnel.

2002, softcover, Approx 150 pages $19.95

Order this book through the firm Police Management Services at: www.policemanagement.com

Common Sense Gun Control – Issues and Answers

Common Sense Gun Control – Issues and Answers
By Roger Fulton

The debate about the 2nd Amendment and gun control in America has been raging recently as strong as ever. That's generally a healthy thing in our democracy. But the misinformation, the groundswell of emotional rhetoric and the political posturing on both sides have driven me to re-enter the fray.

In this book, I try to interject some actual facts and common sense into the entire gun control debate across local, state, national and international boundaries.

Will I succeed in that goal?

You decide after you read it.

It's based on my 40 year career in the Criminal Justice Community and is backed by all of my degrees, research and practical law enforcement experience.

2020, As of November 15, 2020, this title will be published by Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon.  The Kindle version is $3.95.  The paperback version is $9.95.  Both can be purchased at this URL: 




This is the story of Battle of Cranberry Creek, which was fought just north of Alexandria Bay, New York in July of 1813 between American and British forces. This booklet is dedicated to the memories of the brave soldiers who fought and died in the battle, on American soil. May their souls rest in peace, while they are remembered forever.

2017, 24 pages

As of November 1, 2020, this title will be published by Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon.  The paperback version is $7.95.  Both can be purchased at this URL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JWFSJ5K?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860  

Roger Fulton's Autobiography

My stories here are of me growing up and trying to find my way as a young man. My time at sea with the U.S. Coast Guard “matured” me. Seventeen years with the New York State Police allowed me to “give back” to society. And the abrupt end to that career forced me to move on to two more careers.
Celebrities write their memoirs early on. In my generation, it was General “Stormin” Norman Schwartzkopf about the Gulf War. Hillary Clinton and other politicians and celebrities of my generation also published their stories.
But I thought that the story of the “common man” should be told. If not for the current generation to read, but for future generations to understand the career and social mores, activities and events of the time, 1947 – at least 2021 😊.
And that is what I have tried to do. I lived a life of these times and have been blessed with the skills to research and write about them.
So, from my 75 years of trial and tribulation, on a variety of fronts, here has been my story of Attitude, Adventure and Lots of Luck!
I’ve reduced 75 years of life experience lessons and adventures to just under 200 pages!! I hope you enjoy them!