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25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Lake George, NY Region

25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Lake George, NY RegionFrom a short, family friendly “ice cream” ride to a 50 mile long designated state bike route, this book offers more than 25 options in between. Both on-road and off-road biking locations are covered.

The 15 mile round trip, paved Warren County Bike Trail is included, as are segments of the connected, but unpaved, Feeder Canal Trail system. Off-road mountain biking locations are also covered in this comprehensive regional book. More than 60 photos, explicit directions from I-87 and GPS readings for trails and landmarks are all included.

Bicycling opportunities abound in the Lake George Region, but only if you know about them. In this book we tell you where to go, how to get there and what you’ll find - because we’ve been there!

2009, 134 pages, top spiral bound, 60+ color photos $19.95

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