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Trails Outside the Adirondack Park in St. Lawrence County New York

More than 25 hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails are covered in this new guide to St. Lawrence County in the northwest corner of Northern New York. Mostly in rural areas, the trails have beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River, its bays and creeks, beaver ponds and lodges and great waterfalls. It's a joy for the "average" adventurer.

Much of St. Lawrence County is inside the "Adirondack Park" and much is written about those Adirondack trails. In this book we have stayed outside that park and bring you the relatively unknown, treasured trails outside of that park, yet still in St. Lawrence County. More than 60 color photos provide entrances and landmarks in this interactive book. Explicit directions are always from an Interstate highway to your exact destination. Our usual "easy" format also gives you explicit GPS readings if you are that hi-tech.

2005, 108 pages, More than 60 full color photos, Spiral bound, $19.95

You can ask for this book at your local bookstore or outfitter. To order this book, or any of our other titles, with a credit card, call the publisher Common Man Books at 866-793-0555 or go through their website at www.commonmanbooks.com.