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25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in Central Florida

In addition to hiking, many people who like a trail that is enjoyable but not rigorous like a similarly paced bicycling experience in Central Florida. This book, part of the Common Man series of hiking, biking and wildlife viewing books, offers a description of 25 such trails.

It shares with you our favorite places. We tell you where to go, how to get there and explain what you may see. More than 75 full color photos enhance the interactive nature of this book. Its unique format and size make it a handy reference guide to stick in your back pocket to accompany you on the trails.

2005, 118 pages, top spiral bound, 60 full color photos $19.95

To order this book, or any of our other titles, with a credit card, call the publisher Common Man Books at 866-793-0555 or go through their website at www.commonmanbooks.com.