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Volusia County Master Naturalist Offers Adventures


Volusia County Master Naturalist Offers Adventures

By Diane M. Carey dcarey@hometownnewsmediagroup.com

Port Orange resident Roger Fulton is a noted author of many outdoor guide books for hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking as well as other topics, such as law enforcement.

His latest book, “Nature Adventures in Central Florida” (In search of: Nature) is now available on Amazon.

The book, divided into 25 chapters, targets the best places to observe specific birds or mammals, or unique outdoor venues that feature giant oaks or natural springs.

The book, as Mr. Fulton writes, is “all about getting out in Central Florida and exploring all that nature has to offer in this unique state. Each outing is designed as a day trip that is readily accessible from anywhere in Central Florida. Each outing will take you 'in search of’ one dominant focus critter or concept at each location. In most cases, you will see much more of nature than the ‘focus’ you are in search of.”

Each destination includes a description of the targeted focus, how to get to the trail, notes about the trail, hours open, time needed, other facilities present, what others have found there and a place to make your own notes. The book is primarily designed for walking trails.

The former New York state trooper retired after 35 years in law enforcement and discovered a love of nature, which he now shares with residents in both Florida and New York.

The self-employed, freelance writer has penned more than 40 books, starting with his first in 1988, “Common Sense Supervision.” That book is still in print in five languages. Many of his books are about hiking trails or kayak trips in Central Florida. He has a whole series for hiking and biking Northeast Florida all the way up to the Georgia line. His information covers from State Road 40 to State Road 70, and all the way across the state.

As to this latest book, he reminded himself he is in the “outdoor information business” and given the pandemic, he became a clearinghouse for what was still open. But equally his goal was to get people outdoors, especially given the problems isolation would cause for some.

“People needed a reason to get out. I’ve got 200 venues down here. I’ve done these things dozens of times in some cases. I’ve done hikes and bike rides and all that,” Mr. Fulton said. “Why don’t I just take my work, dress it up a little bit and give it a focus. The focus here (in the book) is to get out in nature (emphasizing getting out).”

Mr. Fulton embraces a quote by the well-known naturalist John Muir, who said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

His goal is to give people somewhere to go and something to do when they get there. “I’ve been doing this a long time, but I still like to see a scrub jay,” he said.

Mr. Fulton has been doing nature presentations and nature tours for at least 15 years. He is a frequent presenter at DeBary Hall and Lyonia Preserve and leads off-road bike tours, such as in Tiger Bay State Forest.

He will be making a presentation, “Getting Published,” at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 7 at DeBary Hall.

Mr. Fulton, 73, is also a Coast Guard veteran and has been a snowbird for more than 20 years and divides his time between Port Orange and Courtland, N.Y.

For more information, visit rogerfulton.com.

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