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Press Release

(For release after October 10, 2021)

Roger Fulton was born at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, New York in 1947.

Now, in his 75th year, he has finally told his story of Attitude, Adventure and Lots of Luck, in his autobiography that has been recently released by Amazon.

His new book titled, A Common Man’s Uncommon Life, chronicles his adventures in life, including his time at sea with the U.S. Coast Guard that ‘matured’ him.  His seventeen years with the New York State Police allowed him to ‘give back’ to society.  And the abrupt end to that career forced him to move on to careers in teaching, journalism and as the author of many popular books and outdoor guides.

“Celebrities write their memoirs early on.  In my generation, it was General ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopf about the Gulf War. Hillary Clinton and other politicians and celebrities of my generation also published their stories”. 

“But I thought that the story of the ‘common man’ should be told.  If not for the current generation to read, but for future generations to understand the career and social mores, activities and events of the time, 1947 – at least 2021 😊.”

And that is what he has done.  Roger lived a life of these times and has been blessed with the skills to research and write about them.

So, from his 75 years of trial and tribulation, on a variety of fronts, it is his story of Attitude, Adventure and Lots of Luck!

“I’ve reduced 75 years of life experience lessons and adventures to just under 200 pages!! I hope you enjoy them!  It’s been a wonderful trip, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it”, he told us in a recent press release.

You can explore his new book at:  www. Amazon at https://amzn.to/2ZJJyfO


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