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What's in YOUR Back Yard? – Invasive Species in Florida
From killer plants to Anacondas, it's an invasion! In this Powerpoint program we will tell you who the invaders are, where you might find them and what to do about them. From snakefish to great pythons, we'll highlight the worst of those invaders which may be in your own back yard.

Volusia Outdoors
Volusia County Florida offers wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities. In this Powerpoint presentation we present our Top 10 favorite places to hike, bike, kayak, or just hang out in the county. If you enjoy exploring nature and have a mild sense of adventure, you will enjoy getting to know where to go and how to get to these exciting places.

Florida's Springs
Florida's great springs are in trouble.  The flow and water quality are declining. And the aquifer is shrinking. I actually graduated from the Blue Spring Alliance's Springshed Academy in 2014 and now hold the title of Spring Ambassador.  My "job" is to make the public aware of their water problems, and to speak to groups and individuals to make them aware of the problems and encourage them to "fix" the problems before they get worse.  So if you need a speaker for your group during the winter months, contact me. It's a very nice Powerpoint presentation and we'll tailor it to your group and time frame.www.RogerFulton.com. I am available most afternoons and evenings for a presentation and discussion.

Exploring the Ocala National Forest
Florida Master Naturalist Roger Fulton set out in 2011 to explore all of the hiking and biking trails in the 363,000 acre Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. He and his associates hiked and biked more than 130 miles of those trails and wrote them up in the recently released trail guidebook, Hiking Trails in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. In a 1 hour Powerpoint presentation, Mr. Fulton will share photos and experiences and what was found along those 110 miles of trails, from the lakes and prairies to the wildlife of the forest. Light and entertaining, he will share his experiences with you, some entertaining and others more serious, but all in good fun.

Hiking, Biking and Birding – Where to go and how to get there – Central Florida
In this interesting Powerpoint presentation we have selected half a dozen of the best places to go to spend an afternoon, or an entire day. Many of the places are within a few miles of Daytona Beach, DeLand or Orlando, yet few people know about them. In this presentation we’ll show you where you can go, what you might see, and how you can enjoy these great places, for FREE! (We define Central Florida as between Routes 40 and 70, coast to coast.)

MVC-369SSafe in the Woods – Florida Edition
As a part of the Florida Master Naturalist training program, Roger Fulton, Palmer Kelly and Randa Anderson developed a 1 hour Powerpoint program, titled How to be Safe in the Woods. It covers the basics of how to explore Florida’s natural areas, safely. Topics include how to read trail markings, what you need to be prepared to go out into the woods, and what to do if you do get disoriented or lost. This program will be presented FREE of charge to selected groups in Central Florida during the months of January-March each year as time and space permit. Master Naturalist Roger Fulton will be the presenter. You provide the venue and group and he will provide the laptop and Powerpoint presentation.  Call or e-mail to discuss or schedule. 386-956-6089 or Roger@RogerFulton.com.