Interactive Course: "Safe in the Woods"

Safe in the woodsBased on our best-selling book, Safe in the Woods – Tips, Techniques and Advice for Safety and Survival, this interactive course is appropriate for adults 16 and above. There is no time limit so students can work on it at their leisure. In 20 simple and easy-to-follow lesson plans students will learn how to plan for an outing, how to dress and what equipment to carry and what to do if they encounter "critters" out there in the woods. Although the planning and preparation for your outing should keep you out of trouble, there are tips on what to do when things go wrong from injuries to what to do if you lose the trail. Upon signing up for the course you will receive a copy of the book, Safe in the Woods (a $20 value itself), a lesson plan log and directions on how to complete the course. All of that will be in hard copy as well as on a CD with three hours of Powerpoint review topics and information. Along the way I will personally be available to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the course by email or phone. If you choose to take the Final Exam (optional) you can earn a Certificate of Completion which will be issued and sent to you by mail.

The total cost for this interactive course is $50.00 per student.

If you are interested in taking this course, contact Roger directly via email at: and he will get you set up.

Outings Leader Training Course

Once you have completed our basic Safe in the Woods Course you will be eligible to advance your skills to the level of "Outings Leader". You can attend one of our seminars, or take the interactive course by mail or online.

The Safe in the Woods course presented the concepts of Proper Preparation for Leading an Outing, On the Trail –Trail markings, critter encounters, etc. and When Things Go Wrong. The Outings Leader Training Course expands on those basic concepts and adds another layer of training specifically designed for those who aspire to LEAD such outings. It is designed for the "casual" leader of hiking, biking and kayaking activities. It is NOT survival training! Both of our courses are designed so you don't ever have to get to the "survival" stage of your outing.

In this advanced course you will learn about issues like, Who Should be an Outings Leader, a section on assessing your skills to be an outings leader and how to plan for an upcoming event. In addition you will receive information and forms on what to do in advance of your outing, release of liability forms and what to do if unusual circumstances occur like issues or injuries.

Successful completion the Final Exam of the course entitles you to a formal Certificate of Completion and the rights to duplicate all of the recommended forms for future outings for you or your organization.

The total cost for this interactive course is $50.00 per student.

If you are interested in taking this course, contact Roger directly via email at: and he will get you set up.

From our previous life we are still promoting police professionalism at all levels. Please let all of your police related colleagues know about this up-to-date training program for police supervisors nationwide.

New Online Police Supervisory Training

Despite all of the new technology, police work is still a person-to-person business.

And the supervision of police officers is also a person-to person business, according to retired police supervisors and authors Roger Fulton and Mike Carpenter.

"Police supervisors at all levels need to have the leadership skills required to run today's complex units, precincts and departments", according to Michael Carpenter, the owner of Police Management Services.

For years, these two successful law enforcement professionals have written books, published articles in police magazines and taught classes of police sergeants, lieutenants and command officers at academies. But now they have combined their collective education, training and experience with today's online interactive technology.

The result is an online course titled "Basic Police Supervisory Training" administered by Police Management Services.

"In these difficult times, policy administrators need a productive and cost effective way to get their supervisory staffs trained to meet the continuing demands of the public for accountability at all levels of police work. This course provides that training online and in a cost-effective manner", according to Carpenter.

And they have the credentials to back up the development of this new Police Supervisors Course. Roger Fulton retired as a Captain from the New York State Police and holds several college degrees in the field of criminal justice. Mike Carpenter has many years of supervisory and management experience in several jobs and is currently a professor of criminal justice at a college in upstate New York. Together they have written several books on police supervision, management and leadership and more than 100 articles for police magazines. This new course awards 3 continuing education credits upon successful completion.

You can get more information about this new police supervisory training program through (click on the link to: "Training Programs") or contact Mike Carpenter at or by phone at 518-761-9708.

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