Monday, November 16, 2009

Tick warning!

We just spent several days in the field in Northern NY. Ticks were a serious concern. On one day I took 7 ticks off of my clothes, and one off of my body.
The deer tick, officially known as the Black Legged Tick is the one that causes Lyme Disease. You don't want that disease. It makes the H1N1 virus look like a weak contender.
So, if you will be in the field, hiking, biking, hunting or looking for mushrooms, check you and your companion for ticks that evening. Might even be fun after a couple of glasses of wine. :-)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

All of our Guidebooks

A poster and an order form for all of our titles has just been posted by LARAC at:
They make great Christmas presents for your outdoors friends and family. They are a gift that they will keep and use year round in many cases.
You can also check out all of our titles and order Online at
I'm traveling for the next week, but we'll fill all of those orders for you when I return and I promise you'll easily have them before Christmas.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Deer Hunting Season in NY

Yes, it's hunting season in New York once again. For our hiking and biking friends, yes you can share the woods with those who are after Bambi's deadbeat dad. Be sure to wear bright clothing at all times and stay on the trails whenever possible. If you think there may be hunters around, make your presence known by talking. The primary issue with hunters is not your presence, it is that your scent will scare off deer. But they have no more rights than you to be in the woods. But let common sense prevail on both parts.

I personally have NEVER heard of a hiker or biker being shot by a hunter. But still, try not to look like this guy on the right.

Thanks to Patsy Sweet for this "after season" photo from last year. If he can survive a season in the woods, you can survive a couple of hours out hiking.

Roger -

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